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The Board of Directors shall strive to keep the community informed of the objectives,
achievements, needs, and conditions of the school system. The Superintendent of Schools shall
be responsible for initiating and administrating a continuous program of communication within
the community. The Superintendent shall utilize needed school personnel and all media
available in discharging this responsibility.



Section Title
901 Public Examination of School Disrict Records
902.1 News Media Relations
902.4 Live Broadcast or Recording
903.1 School – Community Groups
903.2 Community Resource Persons and Volunteers
903.3 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites
903.4 Public Conduct on School Premises
903.5 Distribution of Materials
903.5R1 Distribution of Materials Regulation
904.1 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles
905.1 Community Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
905.1E1 Community Use of School District Facilities and Equipment Application Form
905.1E2 Community Use Indemnity and Liability Insurance Agreement
905.1R1 Community Use – Fees Schedule
905.1R2 Wilcox PAC Community Use – Fees Schedule
905.2 Tobacco Nicotine Free Environment
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