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The primary purpose of the school building program is to provide means of maximizing the
educational objectives of the School District.

The Board of Directors (Board) shall have full and final responsibility for the selection of sites,
employment of personnel, contracting for services, approval of plans, authorization and
acceptance of bids, payment for work performed on contractual agreements, and final acceptance
or rejection of work done. All of the related actions should be taken only by official Board
actions based upon formal recommendations of its administrative staff at Board meetings.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the efforts of
the various individuals and groups to best achieve the established educational objectives in the
building program and making recommendations to the Board.



Section Title
801.1 Buildings and Sites Long Range Planning
801.2 Buildings and Sites Surveys
801.3 Educational Specifications for Buildings and Sites
801.4 Site Acquistion
801.11 Financial Accounting
802.1 Maintenance Schedule
802.2 Requests for Improvements
802.4 Capital Assets
802.4R1 Capital Assets Regulation
802.4R2 Capital Assets Management System Definitions
802.5 Buildings and Sites Adaptation for Persons with Disabilities
803.1 Disposition of Obolete Equipment of Obsolete Equipment
803.2 Lease, Sale or Disposal of School District Buildings and Sites
803.3 School Credit Cards
804.1 Facilities Inspections
804.2 Warning Systems and Emergency Plans
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