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Art & S.T.E.M Guidance Activities from Mrs. Roberts

Physical Education Mr. Nichols


Mr. H-U

Speech and Language Enrichment Opportunities
PBS Kids

Brain Pop


Try to get 5 in a row. Compete against a brother or sister and see who can get 5 first! Send me pictures!

April 27, 2020 April 27, 2020 From the AEA

Fun Brain

Check in with Mrs. Roberts

If you need to talk, please fill out this form and we can get in touch!

April 30, 2020
For students and parents grades K-4, go to the Incredible Art Department online to see multiple art lessons for home learning. Citizenship May 7, 2020
Some lesson plans from Dick Blick for students K-4 Strong Feelings

This is a video from Second Step curriculum that our classrooms learn about each week. I’m sure there are some frustrations lately, this gives great strategies to help.

K-4 Art lessons Managing Anxious Feelings

Another video from Second Step curriculum that our classrooms learn about each week. Anxiety is a natural emotion for ALL of us!

NASA STEM Engagement First Aid For Feelings

This activity can take you a week or two to complete.  This workbook will help you to encourage your children to express their thoughts, questions, and feelings.  It may also help them to manage their stress and anxiety and provide some sense of control in their changing world.

Art For Kids Hub


Food Groups

During May we usually talk about Health and Safety in Guidance. This is a video about the food groups and why the food we eat is so important for our bodies.  Send Mrs. Roberts a picture of a meal with ALL 5 Food Groups in it!

Art at Home Bike Safety video
Summer Fun Reminders

I wish you all the best summer! Things ended a little different than usual, but we’ll make it through because we are BULLDOG STRONG! Remember to BE KIND, LISTEN, and SMILE…it’s CONTAGIOUS! :o) Love you all! ~Mrs. Roberts


Please use the following links for suggested, optional activities to keep your child engaged in their education during this time.

Period 2nd Grade
Week 1 Challenge Activity
Week 2 Challenge Activity
Week 3 Challenge Activity
Week 4 Challenge Activity
Week 5 Challenge Activity
Week 7 Challenge Activity
Week 8 Challenge Activity
Week 9 Challenge Activity
Challenge Activity


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