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This year, as in the past, Community Health at KRHC, will be bringing the flu vaccine to the schools when it becomes available. Flu shots will be the only vaccine available. A note will be sent home with your child the day he or she receives the vaccine.


If you would like your child vaccinated for influenza this year, we highly encourage your child be vaccinated at school. This can help prevent the spread of coronavirus by eliminating unnecessary trips/foot traffic at the local clinic, grocery stores, etc.


It is important to receive the flu vaccine this year as hospitals have the potential to become overwhelmed with flu and COVID patients.


If you want your child to receive the flu vaccine at school, the following must be returned to the school by September 18th:

* Influenza Vaccine Consent Form

* Copy of your insurance card (front and back)


** The Consent Form and Vaccine Information Sheet are available on your school’s website or
at the school office. If you need the Consent Form and Vaccine Information Sheet sent home
with your child, please notify the school office.



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