Covid cookies

Student Senate cookies 2021

Dionna VanGorkom shows off the take & decorate cookie sets.

Written by: Greta Lampe

The AHS Student Senate sold cookies for Valentine’s Day. In the past, students could buy one cookie for one dollar, and they would be delivered on Valentine’s Day, or the closest day to it. Because of Covid, individual cookies are not being sold, but take-and-decorate cookie boxes were available for purchase. The cookies were sold in boxes of six cookies for $5 or a dozen cookies for $10. The cookie kits come with frosting, sprinkles, and obviously cookies. Orders were due February 5th and can be picked up in the high school commons on the 12th from 3:00 to 3:30. 

The money raised from the cookies goes toward buying the residents of local nursing homes flowers. Along with the flowers, Student Senate made Valentine’s cards. Previously, students have gone into the nursing homes and hand delivered the flowers and cards to the residents, but this year they are being dropped off and the nursing staff will deliver them. Pay It Forwards Always also donated treats to be delivered with the cards to Exceptional Opportunities residents. Dionna VanGorkom said, “I’m happy we still get to sell the cookies, even with Covid. It is a great way to help give back!” Giving the residents flowers is a great way to show them we care, especially during this hard time when many of them still can’t see family. 

Thankfully, this tradition is able to carry on even with Covid. Although it looks a little different, the money still goes towards a good cause and you get delicious cookies. If you don’t have any plans, decorating the cookies is a fun activity to do with your friends, family, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. This year it was such a big hit, the cookies sold out with over 600 cookies sold! Happy Valentine’s Day and happy cookie decorating!