Serving your country 


Hunter Berry and Evan Deal, both high school students enlisted in the military, stay busy at AHS. Berry shows off his moves on the wrestling mat while Deal was the narrator of this fall’s musical.


Written by: Stephen Stammer

There are many students at Algona High School who don’t know what they are going to do after graduation. That is not the case for Hunter Berry and Evan Deal. 

Hunter Berry has already done his basic training to become part of the United States Army. Berry attended basic training after his junior year. Berry joined the Army for multiple reasons. His first reason for joining is because he wanted to be able to say he served our country. He also thinks it would be cool to be in the Army at a young age. Secondly, he wanted to be able to make his family proud because almost every other man in his family has served. The last main reason he joined is because all of his college would be paid for and he doesn’t know any other program that would do that other than the Army.  

Evan Deal joined the Iowa Air National Guard on June 13, 2020. Deal loves planes and has always wanted to serve the U.S. Deal goes to training at the start of the 2021 summer. Deal has been lifting and running to keep himself in shape for basic training. In his time of serving, Deal is looking to be deployed multiple times. Deal is very excited to see what his future in the military will bring. 

If you see either of these men around AHS, make sure to thank them for serving.