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Thor Phelps and Ruby Mitchell are all smiles and thumbs up after receiving the notice that they earned their biliteracy seal.

Written by: Ruby Mitchell

On Tuesday, December 8, four of AHS’s Spanish students took a test for the seal of biliteracy.  The students were tested on their ability to read, write, listen, comprehend, and speak in Spanish.  

Students began their test at 10:15 due to the late start and ended around 1:30.  The test was $19 and was online via the Avant Stamp Test.  Ruby Mitchell, Carley Mullins, Thor Phelps, and Jessica Vazquez-Suarez participated in this test.  

Each test was scored out of 9, and to pass, the students needed to score a minimum of 5.  The reading and listening tests were graded right away, but the students didn’t receive their results for speaking and writing until the morning of Friday, December 11th.  

This was an amazing opportunity for the students in expanding their knowledge and gaining an appealing addition to their future resumes.  This seal also opens doors to future opportunities for the students.  

A special thanks to Mr. Green, AHS’s Spanish II, III, and IV teacher for proctoring the test and encouraging his students to participate in it.

Out of the four who took the test, three of them earned the seal.  Mr. Green says, “The students needed to get to an intermediate level to pass each section; five was the marking point.”  The students who earned the seal are exempt for first semester’s Spanish semester test.

Congratulations to these four for demonstrating their knowledge in both languages and expanding their opportunities.