Winter activities Covid update 11/18/20

During this difficult time we have always strived to put our students first and work with our governing bodies to continue to safely provide opportunities for our students and their families. With that in mind, the Proclamation made by Governor Reynolds on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, and again on Monday, November 16, 2020, requires there to be changes to how we attend events at Algona High School for the time being. After the latest discussions with the Department of Education, the IHSAA and IGHSAU, here is the process we will follow to ensure we can continue to offer these opportunities for our kids under this Proclamation:
● Everyone in attendance (besides playing players) at any event sponsored by our school is required to wear a mask that is worn properly, covering both nose and mouth, for everyone ages 2 and above for the entire time – even if you are seated six feet from other people.
● Governor Reynolds’ Proclamation also requires us to limit our attendance to only two total people per participant for all events sponsored by the school.
○ Participants are defined as players participating in that game only. Coaches, managers, workers, etc. will not be allotted two tickets.
○ For our home events, there will be a sign up list on a Google document. Kids will tell coaches who will attend and the coaches will record who gets on the list for each student on the team prior to the contest. If you are not on the list, you cannot attend. This is to ensure we are following the governor’s order.
○ Being on the list ensures that you can buy a ticket for the game and does not guarantee free admittance – passes will be accepted at our home events except for our Pride Scrimmage on Friday, November 20th.  No passes will be accepted for that scrimmage, admission will be $5. Admission will be $5 for all attending without a pass at all other home events.
○ You can only stay for the event (game) your son/daughter is participating in. Example – a parent of a girls’ Varsity basketball player cannot stay for the boys’ Varsity basketball game. Same goes for all levels. After each game of the night, the stands will be cleared out. This also means you cannot come early to view any of the games prior. We ask that you try and come as close to game time as possible.
■ If your son/daughter participates in two games, you will get two tickets for each contest, but again, you cannot stay for a contest your son/daughter does not participate in.

○ Different schools may have different attendance processes. We will adhere to whatever the host school asks. It is important that you belong to the REMIND group for your son’s/daughter’s team/group to stay informed about attendance policies.

● The Proclamation also requires a minimum of six feet social distancing from other families while in attendance.
○ In our gym, that will mean at least two rows between you and the people above and below you and preferably slid to the right or left of them by a couple of seats.

● At this time we will not be offering a concession stand during our home events.
● We are planning to try and stream every event we possibly can. If you are not comfortable attending events for any reason, please stream the event.

○ Because there will be so many links to events, it may just be easiest to bookmark the AHS Broadcasting YouTube page. If you click on upcoming live events, you should be able to find the event.
○ We will try to email, Tweet, Facebook links as much as we possibly can. Please follow Algona Community School District’s Facebook/Twitter page, along with our AHS Student Senate (Twitter) or Algona YBK Facebook page, for links.
○ If you are interested in helping us stream any of our lower level events, like middle school basketball (in the future), 9th grade basketball (currently), etc., please let me know. We would love to make this available as much as possible to accommodate these new attendance rules, but we will need help. Operator would just need to be able to record from an iPad and track the action.

These new mitigation efforts are added to what we have already asked while attending our events:
● Do not attend if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms related to COVID 19.
● Please maintain social distancing and while picking a seat, you must maintain six feet from other families.
● Wash your hands frequently.

We know that this new Proclamation is difficult and far from ideal, but providing opportunities for our kids as safely as possible will continue to be our number one priority. Please know that we are only trying to follow the rules placed so that we can continue to offer opportunities for our students. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.


-Andy Jacobson
600 S. Hale
Algona, IA 50511
Office: 515-295-7207 ext: 225