New way to induct



Greta Lampe - NHS ceremony

Greta Lampe shows off her NHS certificate and pin at Friday, April 24th’s drive-through ceremony.

NHS ceremony

New NHS members drive through and read the signs held up by current NHS members.

Written by:Cole Lewis & Mindi Spear

Algona High School was scheduled to hold its annual Academic Night of Excellence on Monday, March 18th, at 6:30 in the PAC. At this event, the Algona chapter of National Honor Society recognizes its current members and inducts new members. Due to COVID-19, this night didn’t go as planned. 

However, on Friday, April 24th, at 7:00 pm, new inductees were recognized at a drive-through ceremony in front of the school. 

Typically the current members conduct the new ceremony, which was the case this year as well. Instead of the traditional speaking roles, 13 of the current 16 AHS National Honor Society members held up signs while 17 of the 19 new inductees drove through.  New inductees, with their family members in the car, were greeted and congratulated by principal Jared Cecil before driving through to read the signs. At the end of the drive through were National Honor Society co-sponsors Lisa Cassens and Mindi Spear. They gave the students their pins, certificates, and a box of cupcakes to take home to celebrate their accomplishment with their families. Faculty members then lined the sidewalk to congratulate the new inductees as they drove away.

In order to be inducted into National Honor Society, students must be a junior or senior and submit an application that shows their ability to meet all four NHS pillars: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. They need 35+ hours of community service, a 3.5 or better cumulative GPA, and two letters of recommendation. 

Current Algona National Honor Society members include: Ashlin Young, Isaac Schonert, Mihir Modi, Brooklynn Wille, Raegan Engelbarts, Hannah Meyer, Tatum Peterson, Afton Lindhorst, Cole Lewis, Shaylen Knapp, Kameryn Etherington, Sadie Besch, Jason Cecil, Caleb Hommez, Aliyah Buscher, and Garrett Schmidt. New inductees include: Delaney Anderson, Fiona Bierstedt, Emma Elsbecker, Joanna Fullerton, Chloe Haase,  Jasmyne Harrison, Halo Gronbach, Greta Lampe, Elly Louwagie, Logan Meendering, Ruby Mitchell, Carley Mullins, Noah Nelson, Thor Phelps, Ava Roach, Kyle Simpson, Dionna VanGorkom, James Wartick, and Carlie Yokimishyn.

Video and pictures were taken at this event and can be found on the school’s social media sites to share with family and friends. Also in the video, four current National Honor Society members share their speeches on the NHS pillars: Issac Shonert on character, Mihir Modi on scholarship, Ashlin Young on leadership, and Brooklynn Wille on service.