Bio Field Day

Bio field day eagle presentation

The sophomores listen to an eagle presentation on the Bio Field Day.

Written by: Tyler Manske

The sophomore biology class traveled to Wildhaven on Monday, October 14th. Wildhaven is located just west of the Algona pool. High school biology teacher, Mr. Young, planned the field day so the biology students could spend a day learning more about nature in a hands-on way. 

The first thing students did when they got there was listen to a bald eagle presentation. Two people came from Minnesota to do the presentation. They shared many facts about the bald eagle species and how it is thriving today. They also brought a blind bald eagle that lives with them to show the class. The bald eagle ate a dead rat for lunch, to which Landon Carlson responded, “That was actually really cool!”

After the eagle presentation, which took about an hour, the sophomore classes from AHS and Garrigan split into small groups to go to a variety of stations. 

At the fire station, Brody Bertram showed how to successfully light safe prairie fires to kill prairie grass. The bird watch station was run by Billie Willie. Students walked a trail with binoculars and looked at the many birds around the area. Bishop Garrigan science teacher, Mr. Bode’s station was inside. He explained the history of Wildhaven from the 1930s until now. He also taught about some famous Iowans. Mr. Young’s station went into the water with boots to catch small plankton and other bugs. Then students looked at their findings. T.J. Herrick, from the Iowa DNR, showed parts of a deer’s head. He showed the deer’s brain, mouth, and throat area. One of the deer was eating grass while it was shot. Mayor Kueck’s station taught some history about Algona and students got to see a teepee.

The Bio Field Day lasted the whole day. Lunch was donated by Smithfield Foods. The overall experience was really cool and many of the sophomores who went said it was a fun time.