New to AHS – AHS’s foreign exchange students

2019 Foreign exchange students

Viktor Nezveda and Alessandra Rizzo are AHS’s foreign exchange students for this year.

Written by: Sadie Besch

Viktor Nezveda is enrolled as a junior at Algona High School this year. He comes all of the way from Czechoslovakia, Europe, and from a family of five. After his 10 hour flight, he met his host family, the Gabors of Algona. Elyse Gabor is a senior at AHS and was excited to have him in town for the first time. 

Nezveda notices several differences in American compared to what he’s used to. He remarked that food in the states is too processed and fake for what he likes, which is usually fruit. But he does love that America has peanut butter. Public transportation is something he misses that Algona doesn’t offer. Getting free water at restaurants is something they don’t have in Czech. “Visiting New York City was a sight to see, I loved the big city,” he said when asked about his first experience in the United States. NYC was the first destination in the new country for Nezveda since he flew in to meet the rest of his foreign exchange group. 

Nezveda participated in squash in his country, which is a game played with two singles or four players for doubles. It takes place in a four wall court with a rubber ball. The objective is to make the opponent fail at returning the ball. Now partaking in Cross Country, he ran his first meet on August 29th in Spencer and is enjoying the sport so far. Nezveda will continue his activities at Algona in the winter. 

Viktor is very excited to be here and be a part of a new experience. Be sure to welcome him to AHS.


Maybell Davis

Alessandra Rizzo, a foreign exchange student at AHS this year, joined Algona’s junior class on August 17th. She came all the way from Lecce, Italy, near a beach, and is staying with Evan Deal and his family. Although she was originally nervous to come here, she’s glad she did!

So far Alessandra likes AHS’s school spirit and all of the kind students here. She joined volleyball and was also in it back at home. In Italy they don’t have sports in school, so she’s on a volleyball club outside of school. Not only does she enjoy volleyball, but she says it’s helped her make more friends. 

In her time in Algona outside of school, Alessandra likes cooking and hanging out with friends. She also went to see 47 Meters Down: Uncaged and liked the movie. Back in Italy, she often went to the beach near her home and played beach volleyball for fun in her free time.

When asked what made her decide to become a foreign exchange student, Alessandra responded, “I always see the American life in movies, so I wanted to experience the school system.” Similar to sports, the classes in Italy are similar to AHS. One class she enjoys the most here is leadership. 

Welcome to AHS Alessandra, the Bulldogs are glad to have you here! Be sure to welcome Alessandra when you see her.